Tempsens contributes to the Society through :

Clothing Drive
Tempsens team donated clothes and footware to needy and unprivileged people at Math Madri Kacchi Basti Area on 14th October 2017.

Positive Charge Charitable Trust

Health Camps, Meditation / Yoga Camps
Yoga Camp by Guru Maa at Tempsens Unit II for 1 week from 9 th to 14th Jan.2017 so that employees can learn Stress management.

Health Awareness
Tempsens organised a ?Walk By the Lake? - Marathon for creating health awareness among Tempsens Employees on 9th April 2017. About 180 members including employees and their families participated in this event.

Skill Development Programs
As a government of India initiative skill development for youth with the help of MSME we provide apprenticeship training to diploma and ITI etc. and after training we provide jobs to them so that they can earn their livelihood.

Tempsens has been very conscious about environment. Every year,we plant and maintain many trees in and around the premises. We have developed more than 30% of our area in Plantation. Being in industrial area,we plan to increase at least 20% plants every year to keep our factories and surrounding dust free, green and clean environment.

Plant Distribution @Tempsens

Food for life Drive
Every Saturday we serve food to 250 - 500 unprivileged children of Slum areas.

School Uniform Distribution
Distributed School Uniform to Students of Maheshwari Innovative School, Umrad Village, Udaipur.

Health Check Up Camps
Organised Health check up camps for production workers. Healthy employees are more productive.

CSR Policy
Guiding Principles
Tempsens in its continuous efforts to positively impact the society, especially the areas around its sites and offices, has formulated policies for social development that are based on the following guiding principles :

This CSR Policy is applicable to Tempsens, which is mandated with the CSR expenditure obligations as per Sec. 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, as amended from time to time.

Focus Areas
Tempsens CSR areas targets inclusive growth of all stakeholders under various categories, mentioned under Sch. VII of The Companies Act, 2013. These primarily fall under drinking water, sanitation, education, healthcare, social development, livelihood opportunities and environment protection. These are :

Governance Structure
A three-tier governance structure is responsible for implementing CSR activities at Tempsens. These include the CSR Committee of the Board, Corporate CSR Team, and Operational CSR Teams.

Composition of CSR Committee :The CSR Committee shall consist of the following :

Roles and Responsibilities : CSR Committee shall consist of three or more directors. CSR committee shall be responsible for :

Corporate CSR Team, located at Udaipur, shall be responsible for :

Operational CSR Team located at respective plant / project locations is responsible for :