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Mica Band Heater

Mica Band Heater

Mica band heaters offer efficient and economical heating solutions to pipes and tubes that require external indirect heating. These heaters are used to heat-up the external surface of drums or pipes for a gradual heat transfer. A mica core surrounds the precisely wound heating element, producing a thin, efficient heater. The mica core is enclosed in a continuous corrosion resistant sheath and formed. All full mica band heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. The maximum sheath temperature is 800°F and is used mainly in plastic industry. Terminal boxes can be provided that protect terminations and also have the option of temperature controllers to help regulate applied heat. Mica is used as it provides exceptional insulation, dielectric strength and heat transfer capability for long heater life. Insulation is required to direct the heat to the application, avoid heat loss and slow heat-up time. In order to maintain a balance between the insulating characteristics of mica and the ease of heat transfer from the heating core, the thickness of each mica layer is cautiously selected. Various terminations are available with mica band heaters keeping in mind the diameter, width, voltage, operating temperature and cost. Several types of dimension, wattage, voltages and material are available to suit different applications.

Details : Mica band heaters provide perfect solution for high watt densities and high operating temperature applications. Pipe heating, drum heating, barrel heating normally used for oils, lubricants or other circular applications prefer these heaters as it offers safety when heating volatile and explosive substances as well as pipes or containers that cannot otherwise be heated using direct heating. Majorly sought for in the plastic industry, other areas where it can be installed are injection molding machines, plastic extruders, food industry, blow molding machines, pharmaceutical industry and container tank and pipe heating as it provides fast heat up.

Features :

  • Independent Straps - Tightly clamped around the surface
  • Flange Lock-up - Most economical clamping mechanism
  • Spring loaded - Useful in thermal expansion
  • Built in ceramic fiber insulating mat
  • Clamping Pads - Designed for two-section partialheaters
  • Latch and Hinges

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