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  • Base Metal Thermocouples
    With the support of our outstanding storage facility, we are able to keep the entire lot away from diverse damaging factors like moisture, sunlight, dust, rain and others. Be it packaging small or large consignments, light or heavy products, we use the finest material to provide cost efficient and

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    Base Metal Thermocouples

  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
    We can be contacted for customized packaging solutions. Besides the standard packs, we can sort items in desired quantity and pack them accordingly. Our packaging is premium. We understand that the use of finest grade raw material brings forth high quality product line. In addition to this, we make

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    Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

  • Miniature Thermocouples
    The complete assortment of raw material sourced undergoes stern examinations by the professionals to keep the quality standards high. Owing to this, we are capable of bringing forth exceptional quality products. We have online payment processing system to avoid security issues. In order to make it

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    Miniature Thermocouples

  • Refractory Thermocouples
    We have a good rapport with the prominent e-commerce merchants who provide us a secure payment gateway. With this, we guarantee instant and hassle free transactions. We are a client centric firm and make sure that the entire lot is provided in premium packaging for ensuring complete safety during

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    Refractory Thermocouples

Resistance Temperature Detectors

  • RTD’s with Thermowell/Protection Tubes
    To maintain availability of products all year round and escape the issue of stock-out, we have established a state-of-the-art warehousing building and incorporated it with the latest inventory control system. High-quality and certified inputs are used for the production of our finished goods. We,

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    RTD’s with Thermowell/Protection Tubes

  • Mineral Insulated Resistance Temperature Detector
    Buyers can stay rest assured with us for their orders as we ensure zero damage to the products that we deliver. For this, we store the entire lot in a spacious warehouse till the final dispatch. We have divided our infrastructure into different units including packaging unit wherein we pack our

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    Mineral Insulated Resistance Temperature Detector

  • Special Resistance Temperature Detector
    We have adopted several methods for making safe and hassle-free payments. The customers get both offline and online options to make payment to us. Our comprehensive range of products is packed in sturdy, safe, and industrial grade materials that safeguard the contents inside from harm, dampness,

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    Special Resistance Temperature Detector

Non Contact Pyrometers

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST A150)
    A150 is a specially designed highly accurate digital IR Pyrometer operating at the near end of the infrared spectrum and is therefore an excellent choice for measurement of ferrous and non ferrous metals above 75oC because the emissivity of un-oxidized metalsurfaces is higher at shorter

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST A150)

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST A250 & 450 PL-TL)
    A250 PL/TL and A450 PL/TL are specially designed IR Pyrometers of A Series family for non contact temperature measurement in demanding industrial environments. The Pyrometers are highly accurate and compact by nature with stainless steel housing to provide high operational safety for harsh

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST A250 & 450 PL-TL)

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST A450C)
    A450C PL/TL is a highly accurate digital two colour IR pyrometer from A series family for non contact temperature measurement. The Pyrometer measures the temperature of an object by calculating the ratio of the energies at two different wavelength bands. The ratio technique eliminates and reduces

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST A450C)

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST E250 PL & E450 PL)
    E250 PL and E450 PL are highly economic digital IR pyrometers with extended sensor head and separate electronic box for non-contact temperature measurement of metals, ceramics and graphite etc in temperature ranges between 250oC and 1900oCDetails : E250 PL and E450 PL IR Pyrometers are two piece

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST E250 PL & E450 PL)

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST E450C PL)
    E450C PL is a two color pyrometer from economic series.The Pyrometer model is a two piece measurement system containing one extended sensor head and one electronic box for non-contact temperature measurement of metals, ceramics and graphite etc. in a temperature range between 800oC to

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST E450C PL)

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST EL50)
    EL50 is an economic digital IR Pyrometer from E series with extended sensing head in 4 wire technology for non-contact temperature measurement between 0oC to 800oC.The sensor head is unaffected by electromagnetic interferences. The pyrometers are specially designed in a such way that sensor head

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST EL50)

  • Non Contact Pyrometer (AST EL50H)
    EL50-H is a digital Pyrometer in economic range with extended sensor head in 4 wire technology, for non-contact temperature measurement between 0oC to 800oC.The sensor head is unaffected by electromagnetic interferences. The pyrometer sensor head is specially designed to withstand ambient

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    Non Contact Pyrometer (AST EL50H)


  • Thermocouple Cable

    Voltage Grade : 300/500V

    Conductor : Solid, Multistranded Thermocouple Grade, Materials as per ASTM E230 / 77 & IEC5843

    Insulation : PTFE Insulation

    Construction : Twisted

    Operating Temp. : 260°C

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    Thermocouple Cable

  • Mineral Insulated Copper Cables

    Type : Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

    Material : Stainless Steel

    Length : 2.5mtr

    Color : Red

    Usage : Industries

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    Mineral Insulated Copper Cables

  • Mineral Insulated RTD Cables

    Usage : Industrial

    Power/Voltage : 120 V

    Length : 6 Meter

    Material : PTFE

    Packing Type : Roll

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    Mineral Insulated RTD Cables

  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cables

    Type : Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

    Material : Plastic

    Length : 2.5mtr

    Color : Black, Blue

    Usage : Industries

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    Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cables

  • Special Cables

    Quad Type : 4 Quad

    Insulation Type : PVC insulation

    Conductor Diameter: : 1.4 mm

    Number of core : 4,2

    Cable Size : 7.1

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    Special Cables

  • Thermocouple Extension and Compensating Cables

    The assistance of our sophisticated packaging system and skilled personnel, we are able to meet the standard as well as customized packaging requirements of the clients with ease. Located at Udaipur(India), we are reckoned for providing excellent array of products throughout the country.

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    Thermocouple Extension and Compensating Cables

  • Lead Wire /Pvc Cable

    Conductor : CU

    Number of Core : 1 Core,2 Core

    Voltage : 300/500

    Packing Type: : Boxes

    Material : PVC

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    Lead Wire /Pvc Cable

  • Control & Power Cables

    All thanks to our smart inventory management owing to which safe and quick deliveries are furnished by us. As we promise to offer quality approved products to the clients, we make use of only high-grade raw materials selected from one of the best sources present in the market.

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    Control & Power Cables

  • Heat Resistant Cables

    Conductor : Multistrand, Bare Copper , Nickel Plated Copper , Silver Plated Copper & T inned Plated Copper

    Core Insulation : Polymide T ape / Double Fiber Glass Insulation with High Temp Varnish

    Construction : Twisted

    Outer Sheath : Fiber Glass Insulation with High T emp. V arnish

    Overall Braiding : Stainless Steel Wire

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    Heat Resistant Cables

  • Instrumentation Signal Cable

    Conductor : Solid, Multistrand, Electrolytic Grade Conductor, Bare Copper , NPC, SPC, TPC As per IS 8130:84

    Insulation : Extruded FEP Insulated

    Construction : Twisted / Flat

    Outer Jacket : Extruded FEP Insulated

    Outer Braiding : Stainless Steel Wire

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    Instrumentation Signal Cable

  • Lead Wires

    Catering to the customers' needs with excellence, we are engaged in offering high quality lot of Lead Wires. Our storage facility is capacious to maintain large stock. So, clients are free to approach us for urgent and massive requirements.

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    Lead Wires

  • Insulated Sleeves
    We are backed by a reliable team of packaging professionals and modern facility that aid us completely for furnishing standard as well as tailored packaging requirements of the patrons. Owing to our sound quality system, we are capable of carrying out strict quality analysis of the product

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    Insulated Sleeves

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

Industrial Heaters

  • Component Heaters

    Brand Name : Tempsens

    Material : Ceramic

    Certification : CE Certified

    Color : White

    Voltage : 220V

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    Component Heaters

  • Process Heaters

    Brand Name : Tempsens

    Voltage : 220V

    Sheath Material : Copper, Stainless Steel (SS304, SS316, SS321) , Incoloy, Titanium, Other alloys as per application selection

    Watt Density : Up to 120W/in2 or 47W/cm2

    Sheath Length : Up to 10 meter

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    Process Heaters

  • Furnace Heaters

    Temperature Range : Up to 600°C

    Heating Element : Ferritic alloys wire mara FeCrAl and non ferritic wire NiCr 80-20,NiCr 70-30

    Bobbin Size : Standard: 25,30,36,42,45,57,93 other Customize Size Available

    Watt density : 1 to 10 W/cm2

    Power : Up to 12kW

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    Furnace Heaters

Industrial & Laboratory Furnace

  • Laboratory and Industrial Ovens
    The Tempsens Laboratory and Industrial ovens Series offered a range of precision electric ovens. They are designed for low temperature thermal treatment such as drying, heating and thermal testing in an air-flow assisted environment.Our ovens are available with optional NABL calibration of the

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    Laboratory and Industrial Ovens

  • Microwave Furnaces

    Heating System : Microwave By Magnetron

    Power Rating : 2.45 GHz with 900W each x 2

    Operation : Single Phase/AC

    Power Output : Two magnetrons with total 1.8KW

    Maximum Temperature : 1200°C Max

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    Microwave Furnaces

  • Laboratory Furnaces

    Maximum Operating Temperature : 1200/1400/1600/1800°C

    Heating Element : Kanthal A1/Silicon Carbide/MoSi2

    Temperature Controller : Microprocessor based PID controller

    Bottom Lifting Arrangement : Bottom lifting plate fitted with DC motor ensure smooth lifting & lowering.

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    Laboratory Furnaces

  • Industrial Furnaces

    Maximum Temperature : 1200 /1400°C/1600°C/1800°C

    Heating Element : SIC, Kanthal APM, MoSi2

    Insulation : Multiple Layers of High Temperature Fiber Insulation Boards Ensure Minimum Heat Loss

    Bottom Lifting Arrangement : Bottom Lifting Plate Fitted with Dc Motor Ensures Smooth Lifting & Lowering

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    Industrial Furnaces

Calibration Equipment


  • Special Thermowells

    Brand Name : Tempsens

    Material : SS, Inconel, Monel

    Usage : Industrial

    Type: Drilled Barstock, Fabricated : Construction: Tapered, Straight, Helical

    Process Connection: Screwed, Flanged : Certification: IBR certification on request

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    Special Thermowells

Other Products

  • Wireless Temperature Sensor

    Measurement Inputs : RTD & Thermocouple (Universal)

    Radio Frequency band : 430/ 470/ 868/ 915 MHz(Optional)

    Longer Battery Life : More than 1 year

    Head Mount : (WTT 09H)

    Wall Mount : (WTT 09W)

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    Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • Thermal Proofing System

    No. of Channel : 10

    Thermocouple Type : Universal (K, E, J, T, N, R, S, B)

    Accuracy : ±0.5°C(for sampling interval≤ 1sec.)

    Resolution : 0.1°C

    Memory Size : 50000 readings per channel with date & Time

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    Thermal Proofing System

  • Protection Tubes
    Make payment securely with a payment option you are comfortable with. We accept payment through offline as well as online modes. We make sure proper documentation is done. Based in Udaipur(India), our organization is involved for years in supplying the finest grade of Protection Tubes in the

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    Protection Tubes

  • Compression Fittings

    Size : 0-10cm, 10-20cm

    Type : Compression Fittings

    Material : Brass

    Diameter : 0-25mm

    Use : Gas Fittings, Oil Fittings

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    Compression Fittings

  • Precision Pipe Fittings
    Owing to our reliable transportation amenities, we are capable to deliver the placed orders within the given timeframe and at the right place. We are supported by such storage facility that provides protection from diverse damaging factors such as dust, moisture, rain, sunlight, etc. Also, we

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    Precision Pipe Fittings

  • Metal Flanges
    All thanks to our smart inventory management owing to which safe and quick deliveries are furnished by us. We have an association with respected vendors from whom we source the raw inputs at very affordable charges. Additionally, the inputs are stringently checked before procurement.   Details :

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    Metal Flanges